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I have been a realtor in the amazing state of Idaho since 2000 and love where I live. Because I've lived in Southwest Idaho all of my life, I know the area; I know the market; and I know how to put your needs first.

When I ride my motorcycle on the beautiful back roads and highways of Idaho, I am reminded over and over how truly "amazing" this state is. Loving where you live provides an excitement when you get to share that with others who also appreciate the beauty of Idaho so much that they want to live here. Whether you've lived here for years or you are brand new to Idaho, experience, knowledge, integrity and hard work are what you need from your realtor when you are making such a large investment in your life and the life of your family. That's my job - to find out what you want and then help you get there. No guessing - just informed service.

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How To Maintain A Clean House Before Your Move

Keeping a spotless house is an impossible task at the best of times, much less when you’re trying to sell your home and get ready to move. Unfortunately, having your home look presentable can play a big part in attracting buyers to get you moving into your new place.

Don’t fret! We’ve put together some great tips to help you get your place looking great and keep it that way until the closing papers are

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Growing a Container Garden

I have a very small yard and so, this year, my whole garden will be in containers.  I have container-garden-pictures-02I have a very small yard so, this year, my whole garden will be in containers.  I have always had a garden but never had to do all of it in containers so it will be a new adventure in learning how to grow kale in a container and keep tomatoes upright and happy in a container.

Even if you have a large yard – you may want to do part of your garden in containers.  Mixing vegetables with flowers is beautiful and adds color and variety to your yard.

My favorite thing is to walk out to the garden on a hot summer day, pick some cherry tomatoes and eat them right there in the garden. They are warm and fresh, and because I only use natural products on my garden, I’m safe just eating them this way.

If you need some help with a container garden, check out this link –

If you don’t have a place for a garden – call me right away! I can find that perfect home for you to grow a beautiful garden – Fleda – 208.870.7414